Madama Butterfly, Virginia Opera

“As that original Ugly American, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton… Brian Jagde was forceful, decisive, and surprisingly powerful as Butterfly’s anti-hero…Mr. Jagde gave it a good go in a forceful 1st act, and was, surprisingly, affectively penitent during his brief appearance at the opera’s close.

If this performance gives us any clue, the youthful, physically attractive Mr. Jagde might find that moving to tenor will prove to be a significantly positive career move… he’s just the kind of voice and type that both musical and stage directors long to discover.”

Washington Times – Terry Ponick – April 2011

“Brian Jagde as Pinkerton, the feckless lover, was a pleasant surprise… he recently made the transition from baritone to tenor, which may account for the unexpected richness of his voice.”

The Free Lance – Star – Lucia Anderson  – April 2011

“The breakthrough performance of Jagde demonstrated a rising young artist that we did not see that last of….”

Insider’s Passport – Kimberley Cuachon-Haugh – April 2011

“Brian Jagde ramped things up to offer some nice singing in his final aria…”

Washington Post – Anne Midgette – April 2011

“Brian Jagde, brought the most luxe voice to the cast, distinguished by a velvet middle and secure, passionate top… His sound is a pleasing middleground between your slightly less than credible barnstorming Pinkertons and your super sweet lightweight Pinkertons–a combination of vigor and plushness that makes me eager to hear his Alfredo or Edgardo [in that] killer voice.”

Wellsung – Alex Baker – April 2011

“There were strong voices onstage, especially Brian Jagde in the role of Lt. Pinkerton. Jagde, who has made the transition from baritone to tenor voice, was a standout with his bright, commanding sound.”

Daily Press – David Nicholson – March 2011

“Brian Jagde as Pinkerton was equally effective; he sang beautifully and I did not like him at all, which is just how the role should be played.”

Alt Daily – Mark Harris – March 2011

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