In Fall of 2014 while singing Tosca at the San Francisco Opera I had the pleasure of visiting with some kids from the Waldorf Marin School in California who had gotten to see me perform.  They were really excited to speak about opera and about music in general.  At first we spoke about their ideas of opera and also their ideas of what it meant to perform music.  Specifically, music in a different language, and how important it is to be descriptive of the words one is singing.  After I sang Allerseelen we spoke about what they thought the song was about and how they thought I conveyed the words of the piece.  Then we were able to get into some lengthy discussions about the business of singing, whether it was about traveling or about how long it took to get to each level in ones training.  They were very enthusiastic and so much that they even got up and performed a song for me!  I was thrilled to see such excitement around music and expression. It was a lovely time and I look forward to hearing from them again soon, especially one boy who was performing in the boys choir on stage with me in Tosca!



To see other photos from this school visit and more go to Pay It Forward

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