‘Tosca’ at The Metropolitan Opera

... this performance abounded in crackling energy, sure-paced suspense, romantic reverie and thrilling singing from Radvanovsky and Jagde ... In Jagde she (Radvanovsky) had a tenor who could match her soaring power. It’s hard to believe that he spent almost 10 years early in his career as a baritone. On Thursday his enormous, vibrant voice was capped by exciting top notes ... it’s hard to complain when you have a singer with such a big, beefy instrument.



Seattle Weekly called him a “heroic, Italian-style tenor to the marrow,” declaring his voice, “bold, bright, resonant and effortlessly hall-filling.” He’s easily among the top tenors on the operatic stage today with a voice that is expansive, powerful and full of color and depth. New York City native Brian Jagde is a supernova among the celestial bodies swirling about the operatic universe today.


‘Madama Butterfly’ at Lyric Opera of Chicago

Jagde’s voice, with its coppery ring, seemingly effortless high notes and extraordinary lyric spin given its heft, cannot help but please, even in phrases where his character is most heartless. His palpable pain as he discovers what his callousness has wrought is a top-drawer effort by an artist who seeks to humanize his character.


‘Manon Lescaut’ at Deutsche Oper Berlin

Brian Jagde is exemplarily cast due to his beautiful sounding as well as extraordinarily heroic timbre of the tenor and also convinces with a transparent and credible performance! With his expressive and clearly led top notes Jagde sings himself into the hearts of the audience! Bravo!"

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