There are countless reasons why arts education, no matter what the cost, is vital to our future. As a musician, I have acquired skills that help me to succeed, and I’ve found that what I do in performance and through outreach and volunteer efforts can bring joy to others. I’ve learned that the process of working with colleagues on and off the stage, and, through the development of my characters, has helped me to understand more about others the beauty and power of cooperation, communication, and collaboration.

The arts have made me a better person every area of my life, and I believe it’s up to all of us to ensure that every person in the world has access to music, theatre, dance, and visual art – all disciplines. The arts have enriched my life, so my goal is simply to give back and give often, allowing others to experience the same life-changing possibilities the arts can offer. Read on to see what we’re up to around the world, and find out how you can show your support. Please join us in paying it forward.  -Brian

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