Brian Jagde excels as Don José as he reveals an extremely expansive tenor that is as impassioned as it is powerful.

“Brian Jagde excels as Don José as he reveals an extremely expansive tenor that is as impassioned as it is powerful.”
Sam Smith – Opera Online

“Brian Jagde sang with terrific passion and urgency.”
Barry Millington – Evening Standard

“… in Brian Jagde a movingly-portrayed Don Jose.”
Michael Church –

“This time, under the brisk baton of Keri-Lynn Wilson making her ROH debut, sharpened, tightened, the evening flew. Gaëlle Arquez is an ideal, sexy Carmen, Brian Jagde a Don José whose charms, for once, you can countenance.”
Fiona Maddocks – The Guardian

“Singers are up to the job in spades … American tenor Brian Jagde perfect as sullen, shunned Don Jose.”
Sebastian Taylor – Camden New Journal

“American tenor Brian Jagde is also superb in his performance as Don José, his rendition of the song ‘La Fleur Que Tu M’avais Jestée’ (The Flower Song) was especially harrowing.”
The Simple Press

“… the musical standards are so high. Gaëlle Arquez (as Carmen, replacing an indisposed Ksenia Dudnikova) has a seductive, velvety rich sound and looks terrific. Her clarion-voiced Don José is Brian Jagde …”
Warwick Thompson – Metro News

“… in Brian Jagde a movingly-portrayed Don Jose … This Carmen has beauty and dignity in voice and manner … but in the big duets her pure sound blends perfectly with Jagde’s spinto tenor.”
Michael Church – The Independent

“… the more desperate the character becomes, the more his tenor opens up and lets the audience in.”
Geoff Brown – The Times

“American tenor Brian Jagde gave a convincing performance as Don Jose …”
William Hartston – Express

“Brian Jagde impresses as the besotted Don José, his voice finding richer expression as his desperation intensifies …”
David Truslove – Classical Source

“US tenor Brian Jagde as the besotted Don José sings with the martial thump of a military man.”
Claudia Pritchard – Culture Whisper

“American tenor Brian Jagde gave a convincing efficiency as Don Jose …”
The Sun Best

“Brian Jagde’s Don José is pure operatic beefcake — all vocal power … He’s the perfect disposable lover …”
Alexandra Coghlan – Spectator

“The ROH’s orchestra are flawless and the performances by leads Tanja Ariane Baumgartner (Carmen) and Brian Jagde (Don Jose) are impressive to say the least.”
Vaishnavi Gnanananthan – Felix

“… and he makes a remarkable contribution to the whole with some magical moments.”

{… et il apporte une contribution remarquable à l’ensemble avec quelques moments magiques.}
Mark Everist – Olyrix

“… it was in the moments of extreme rage and passion that Jagde really shone, using the power of his sound effectively making it clear just how startlingly on the edge José is.”
Alessia Naccarato – Schmopera

” … an estimable Don José.”
Paul du Quenoy – ConcertoNet

“… he looks the part and provides a movingly subtle portrayal of his role, particularly in the 4th Act.”
– Opera Spy

“When in their duet he sings the line ‘Carmen you have to love me too,’ I had shivers down my spine – the romance and passion was there on stage and in the music, and you could feel it did not bode well.”
Alexandra Sokowska – Plays to See

“Brian Jagde brings an equally commanding passion to Don José …”
Olivia Mitchell – Rewrite this Story

Photo: Bill Cooper / ROH

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