Lucrezia Borgia, San Francisco Opera

“Adler Fellows past and present and young artists sang as if they have spent decades on main stages. Austin Kness (Gazella), Brian Jagde (Vitellozzo), Igor Vieira (Gubetta), Daniel Montenegro (Rustighello) and Ryan Kuster (Astolfo) displayed so much talent that that should have been used in a better vehicle – or opera.”

San Francisco Examiner – Janos Gereben – September  2011

“Many of the young cast members showed much promise. In the smaller roles, Brian Jagde (Oloferno Vitellozzo) and Daniel Montenegro (Rustighello) stood out. Jagde’s voice has brightened and opened during his Adler Fellowship, and he could be heard in Act I over the orchestra.”

Opera Tattler – Charlise Tiee – September 2011

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