Tosca, San Francisco Opera

“Racette’s Cavaradossi, Brian Jagde, took top honors among the alternating casts.  The artist’s large, well-placed tenor sounded supple in “Recondita armonia,” virile in “Vittoria!” and tender in “E lucevan le stelle.”
Opera News – Georgia Rowe – 2/1/13

“Tenor Brian Jagde (Cavaradossi) strode onstage with the ease and assurance of a seasoned pro. From his first phrase, filled with power and conviction, it was clear that this was going to be a very, very different night.
Jagde has done his Divo homework. His rapturous opening love song, “Recondita armonia” (Oh hidden harmony) was not only ardent and filled with feeling, but also climaxed with a burnished high B-flat that grew in power and intensity until he felt assured that it had made its mark. Jagde then followed up with a final “sei tu” intentionally overstretched to elicit cheers.
Jagde, a Cavaradossi who clearly delights in his beloved’s show of jealousy, smiled, approached from behind as she played pious before the statue of the Madonna, and lifted her head covering with the seductive joy of someone who has lifted far more in the recent past. And then, with voices far stronger than we heard the night before, the two went for it… She certainly knows how to play a role for all its worth. Nor is Jagde anywhere the slouch. Mixing vocal passion with a host of gestures unseen the night before, this duo guarantees delight… Jagde’s interplay with Tosca was delightful and affecting.”
San Francisco Classical Voice – Jason Victor Serenius – 11/17/12

“In Act III, as Cavaradossi looked up at the sky prior to singing “E lucevan le stelle,” the sight of a tall, handsome, doomed romantic tenor in awe of the approaching dawn was startling in its honesty and emotional simplicity. Brian Jagde’s robust tenor marks him as a talent to watch in the future.”
Huffington Post – George Heymont – 11/25/12

“[Jagde] brought energy and ardor to the big arias in the outer acts – “Recondita armonia” in Act 1 was particularly fluent.”
San Francisco Chronicle – Joshua Kosman – 11/18/12

“Add to the mix tenor Brian Jagde, a young and somewhat beefy Cavaradossi with an invitingly natural ease onstage and a big, burnished, ardent voice that mixes baritonal heft with a ringing top… The loving interplay between Racette and Jagde was a relief…”
The Bay Area Reporter  – Jason Victor Serinus – 11/22/12

“Tall, handsome … Jagde has an unusual voice, reminiscent (just a bit) of Brandon Jovanovich a few years ago. Jagde’s voice is youthful and appealing. He hits high notes effortlessly. It’s a lyrical, pretty voice, with plenty of power, and may yet take the young tenor to high places and accolades aplenty.”
Opera West – Janos Gereben – 11/18

“The breakthrough performance of the season award belongs to tenor, Brian Jagde, who blew me away as Cavaradossi. He positively owned the role and the chemistry between him and Racette was undeniable . . . as the leading man, Jagde exudes confidence in every note he sings (and nails them all). His large, brilliant voice fills the opera house and he approaches his high notes in such a way that you never have to worry if he’ll hit them – they all sound effortless. It’s as though he can sing this role in his sleep.” – Alice Zhang – 11/30

“He possesses a young, vibrant voice and secure high notes.”
Opera Today  – Michael Milenski – 11/18

“Brian Jagde has a bright, occasionally brassy, sound as Cavaradossi. His voice shows a good deal of emotion: cheeriness at the beginning, subsequent anger at Scarpia, and then tenderness with Tosca. [He] sang a poignant “E lucevan le stelle.”
Opera Tattler – Charlise Tiee – 11/17

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